The “shortcode any widget” handles multiple instances

The shortcode any widget plugin can reference multiple instances of the same widget individually  by targeting the instances unique id.  If you use the general name without the id, it will list all widgets with that name.




Error: Your requested Widget "Tag Cloud" is not in the "Widgets for Shortcodes" sidebar

  • [do_widget_area sidebar-1]
    • [do_widget_area sidebar-2]
      • [do_widget_area sidebar-3]
        • [do_widget_area widgets_for_shortcodes]
          • [do_widget id="search-3"]
          • [do_widget id="rss-2"]
          • [do_widget id="rss-4"]
        • [do_widget_area wp_inactive_widgets]
          • [do_widget id="search-4"]
          • [do_widget id="search-2"]
          • [do_widget id="recent-posts-2"]
          • [do_widget id="tag_cloud-3"]
          • [do_widget id="text-2"]

        The trick is to be sure that you have the correct id’s, and the id names correct. For example, to double check I added two tag cloud widgets to my play system. The id’s ended up being “tag_cloud-3” and “tag_cloud-4”. You also need a separate do_widget for each – don’t put in the same shortcode

        1. the underscore and the hyphen
        2. the fact that they were not numbered 1 and 2, even though I currently had no other tag cloud widgets

        How to find out the widget id?

        In the post or page where you have entered the shortcode, add to the url:


        (replace ? with & if you already have a ?)

        If the do_widget shortcode fires, then it will list your sidebars and the widget ids and a bunch of other statements. Find the shortcode sidebar and see what the id of the widget is


        In some browser you can hover over your widgets or the edit links in the widget sidebar to really see what the id’s are.

        How to do the shortcode any widget

        and the result is……..

        Multiple widget instances