Over the years I have facilitated a number of websites, and we have used that volume to take advantage of the ICDSOFT reseller volume discounts.

If you have purchased one of my plugins and wish to take advantage of the hosting discount, please check and contact me in good time with your details as there are periods when I am not available.

Your account gets setup as a ‘client managed’ account and you manage it yourself, including renewals etc.  Each time you need to pay, you get the benefit of whatever volume discount we are currently getting (currently 50%).     This can also be done after the fact for renewals if you have already purchased your hosting account.

ICDSOFT no longer do active marketing and do not have an affiliate program.    If your account is set to ‘client managed’, when you pay you will be getting the full reseller discount.

You should note as it is under my reseller banner, I will have ‘dashboard access’ and ability to manage the site if necessary.  I do not do this unless I am running your site for you.

If the hosting account is client managed, you are responsible for all aspects, including paying renewals, arranging a suresupport account and dealing directly with any queries you may have.