anmari is a web product of Anna-marie Redpath. I live “downunder” and work everywhere.   I do (amongst other things) web application development, plugins, templates and themes development. My aim is to enable web designs that are 100 % valid HTML and CSS; that are accessible and easy to use, and that are “future proofed” – browser compatible with minimal non-semantic markup.

I have

  • a decade plus of website development and web application development experience,
  • several years of independent consulting and technical training (advanced courses taught for SAP)
  • many years of management consulting work with Accenture (when it was Andersen Consulting and when it was Arthur Andersen) – mostly senior technical or project management roles for iT projects
  • an Honours degree in Computer Science;
  • a bachelors degree in Computer Science and mathematics

For free plugin support, please use the various wordpress support forum . I do check-in there regularly.

Some plugin ratings as at Jan 2018
Some plugin ratings as at Jan 2018


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