anmari is a web product of Anna-marie Redpath. I live “downunder” and work everywhere.

I do (amongst other things)

  • web application development,
  • plugins, templates and themes development

My aim is to enable web designs that are

  • 100 % valid HTML and CSS;
  • that are accessible; easy to use;
  • “future proofed” – browser compatible with minimal non-semantic markup.

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I  have facilitated websites and applications for people and organisations in Australia, South Africa, UK and even in Ghana.   My primary focus is the development of web applications and tools for web developers and designers. I like a challenge but prefer to work for myself, or on discrete pieces of work.  I enjoy the flexibility, the ability to say no and to follow any ideas I may have…

I have

  • a decade plus of website development and web application development experience.
  • several years of independent consulting and technical training (advanced courses taught for SAP)
  • many years of management consulting work with Accenture (when it was Andersen Consulting and when it was Arthur Andersen) – mostly senior technical or project management roles for iT projects
  • an Honours degree in Computer Science;
  • a bachelors degree in Computer Science and mathematics

I have a

  • a solid understanding and belief in good business process and how IT should integrate or help with that, rather than complicate it
  • excellent technical skills and a belief in quality development, use of standards, consistency and the importance of planning for the future, balance by
  • an appreciation and belief in the importance of considering and designing for the user experience and not just presenting a technical solution.

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I do check-in there regularly.