The AmR WordPress Breadcrumb navigation widget plugin is available here.

The Breadcrumb widget in the a widgetised default theme
The Breadcrumb widget in the a widgetised default theme


  • Uses listed items with minimal markup. The markup is designed to be compatible with the sandbox theme html markup and wordpress delivered markup. (Ie: it expects to be surrounded by a UL or OL, and thus starts with <li>)
  • Provides default css styling (no spans for separators), with the option to switch the default styling off to use your own. Depending on your existing theme, you may need to adjust your theme’s css. See below.
  • Uses wordpress sandboxplus flavoured css tags, so will pickup any general styling too, as well as allowing you to style the breadcrumb trail yourself.
  • Intended to be inserted into the sandboxplus header or branding div (horizontal)
  • Allows specification of a separator if you really wish one. This will be inserted into a span within the link text, so the whole area is clickable. If there is no separator (default) then no span html is issued.
  • Package consists of one plugin file and a default styling background image

Tested and Validated

The plugin has been tested on wordpress 2.5 and 2.6. The Css and the html produced have been validated by the w3c validator. The CSS has been tested on IE 7 and Firefox 2. It is fairly standard CSS. Please let me know if any problems are experienced.

CSS variations

Alternate CSS possibilities are demonstrated here.Breadcrumb Examples

If you have just widgetized your theme’s header, you may need to also switch off the list style for the high level ul. eg: div.sidebar ul { list-style-type: none; }. If your theme already allowed for widgets then hopefully it’s styling already provided a suitable style for all div’s of a class sidebar.



  1. Unzip the folder into your wordpress plugins folder.
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Add the widget to the chosen sidebar. EG: In Sandbox plus, this would probably be the header or branding sidebar. (Note many themes do not allow for this possibility, however you can add an additional sidebar to your header see
  4. That’s it – customise the css and background image to taste.