Many of my plugins are offered for free at wordpress.  Some plugins have additional functionality available as paid add-ons.

Some of my Plugins:

  • amr events (premium access) – create and edit events in wordpress and issue ical or ics feeds for users to subscribe toamr-i
  • amr-ical-events-list (free) This is the most full functioned ical plugin I have seen to list your upcoming events, while keeping things simple.
  • amr-users lists (free)– a configurable set of user reports that includes serialised user meta data if you want it!
  • amr user templates (premium access)- simplify the admin screen for your subscribers, contributors, editors or other roles.
  • amr personalise (free) the page, post or email using the recipient or logged in viewers stored details.
  • shortcde any widget (free)

Translators and Bug Detectors

  • Translators receive  upgraded and extended memberships
  • Anyone instrumental (ie detailed input)  in finding and resolving a bug, or interesting new feature will also be upgraded and extended if possible.

Terms and conditions

The membership price is for access to the protected posts and downloads for the period indicated.

While the intention is to provide timely support answers, there is no guarantee of a response within any time period.    Please see the comments or forum to judge the responsiveness of support and the quality of the code.    Access to answers may be restricted to  active  members only.

While care is taken to ensure that all code is well tested and valid (html and css), there is no warranty.  Any code you download is to be accepted as is. It is your responsibility to test it meets your needs, and to make adequate backups of your site.   A demo site is available for the events and user templates plugin so you can assess prior to purchase.

Other Offerings

Sometimes I just have some fun, and put up a standalone offering:

  • Css Layouts