Many of my plugins are offered for free at wordpress.  Some plugins have additional functionality available as paid add-ons.

Some of my Plugins:

  • amr events (premium access) – create and edit events in wordpress and issue ical or ics feeds for users to subscribe toamr-i
  • amr-ical-events-list (free) This is the most full functioned ical plugin I have seen to list your upcoming events, while keeping things simple.
  • amr-users lists (free)– a configurable set of user reports that includes serialised user meta data if you want it!
  • amr user templates  – simplify the admin screen for your subscribers, contributors, editors or other roles.
  • amr personalise (free) the page, post or email using the recipient or logged in viewers stored details.
  • shortcde any widget (free)

Translators and Bug Detectors

  • Translators receive  upgraded and extended memberships
  • Anyone instrumental (ie detailed input)  in finding and resolving a bug, or interesting new feature will also be upgraded and extended if possible.

Other Offerings

Sometimes I just have some fun, and put up a standalone offering:

  • Css Layouts