Basic rate:

My basic rate is A$100 an hour.  I prefer to work on a defined total cost with fixed scope basis.  I  try to work cleverly and thoroughly.


Php or Plugin Development:

The more information you can provide up front, the quicker and less expensive a solution.  Communicating back and forth takes time.  Pictures, sketches, links to other sites all help.

Occasionally I will develop the solution as a general offering to minimise cost to you by sharing the cost the others (hopefully!).    This usually applies with add-ons to existing plugins.


Quotes for a website will vary greatly. The scope can vary greatly and it is hard for the purchaser to understand sometimes what drives the effort and cost.  I once spent hours simply helping a business owner get access to the business’s domain name as they had ‘lost’ the details provided by the original owner.

Choosing a web design provider should be about more than the cost.

The prices below are indicative. The more web literate you are, the less I will need to do for you, and the lower the price.    That said, you should evaluate where it makes the most sense to spend your time.

All options cover:

  • suitable domain name and/or liaising with existing provider
  • hosting with our preferred supplier, or liaising with existing provider
  • install wordpress Content Management System with pre-existing template and
  • access to a training site for you to practise in.
  • load initial content (provided by you possibly from brochures etc) and images so it is publicly presentable straight away
  • creating some email addressesfor you, once. eg; your name@yourdomain.com.  This can be forwarded to your current email, or accessed directly.


Item Cost Indicator: Comment:
Package deal
Initial one-off cost from A$800, if you already know what you want.
Standard $800 to $3000 Standard option adds on:

  • Some tweaking of themes and adding functionality using already developed plugins
  • implementation of additional featuresusing standard plugins such as:
    • Subscribe to email
    • Subscribe to comments
    • DB backup email
    • Upcoming events widgets
  • working with your images to tailor a pre-existing theme to make it more uniquely yours
Custom or e-commerce From around $3000 A Custom option could include:

  • More unique design and/or complex requirements
  • more advanced theme development if the standard options on offer are not adequate
  • evaluation and assessment of various plugins to determine which meets your needs most.
Advanced Custom, or membership site $6000 or more. More advanced custom work could include

  • Content development or conversion,
  • customisation of plugins or features to achieve the functionality you need,
  • tailoring of styles or themes
  • further training or personal support.

However I would suggest start simply – you may be surprised at what is achievable for little cost.

Just a Domain Name: approximately

  • US$10 per year for a .com
  • A$50 per year form a .com.au
Cost varies greatly by seller, country and suffix. For example in South AFrica a .org is free, but in Australia domain names cost about A$40 per year at least. While you can have a website without registering a domain name, a good domain name is essential for a professional image.
For cost effective domain names we use

  • icdsoft preferably as it is simpler if the hosting is there too, or
  • GoDaddy (for .com’s)

For australian domains:

Just Hosting: Realistically from:

Costs vary greatly by type, features, support.   It is important to understand what you need and what you are getting before you sign up. Read our section on hosting for some thoughts. Web hosting by ICDSoftOur regular host is ICDSoft – we have been with them since 2002 after a referral from friends. During that time we have had no problems. Their response to queries via the online suresupport service has been rapid and excellent. The charges are modest for the quality and tools that they provide.
Editor or Content Management System: Free if you are able to install and/or configure a CMS yourself. Alternatively a one-off cost would apply to set wordpress up for you. There are a variety of good website maintenance tools freely available with varying degrees of expertise required. Depending on your technical skill level you may want to purchase an editor, or go with an installed CMS. Read the reasons for a cms section


As a rough rule of thumb, if you look elsewhere you will probably find that it may cost at least $1000 for a simple few pages of website, plus a cost per page for every update.

Converting Content

Content can be the tricky part.   Converting existing content can be slow tiresome work, depending on well it was done in the first place.   I do some lower cost resources that may be able to do that for you.   Alternatively you may have staff or an IT-literate family member or volunteer who can do the conversion with some instruction from us.  And yes we can do it to for you too.   If we are looking to improve your search engine placement, it may be important that we do it to improve the organisation and choice of words.

Developing content

Developing  new content (good copy in marketing speak) requires a knowledge and understanding of your business and enterprise and what you are trying to achieve. These takes time and experience.  I have the experience, but time is precious.  The more you can think about your business and provide some initial text or images, the better!

Custom styles

Developing unique styles and themes that have cross browser support and are XHTML complaint requires skill’s, patience and thoroughness.

If someone seems cheap – remember too often you get what you pay for, or like my father always used to say “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.  That said I keep my prices low because

  • I leverage myself,
  • I know how to use tools to make myself more efficient,
  • I make choices – compromise sometimes and hold out for the “best” at other times.  To keep your costs down, we will expect you to have a similar approach.