Finding and choosing a good web host is a very confusing activity. There are many out there.  Many sites purport to provide reviews of the hosts, but are actually just running affiliate programs.

We’ve been with our host for more than 10 years now and are very happy. We use them for all our sites.

If you need a host and know what you are doing?  Arrange the hosting yourself.


WordPress Self Hosted Installation Service Quick Start – $200

For $200, I can arrange

  • your domain for you,(subject to availability)
  • the hosting and
  • pre-install wordpress for you with a standard theme
  • create an email account for you on your domain name  (add more yourself)

you could be editing content within a day!   The price includes your first years hosting, and choice of a selection of premium themes that I have developer access for.

I cans also acquire your chosen theme for you or you could use a  free theme.

A long, long time ago…

It all started with my kids school – We took over support of the school’s website.  It was hosted with icdsoft.

I was very impressed, we signed up and have never regretted it.  We recommend it to everyone and setup all new websites there.

Occasionally I search the web to see what other hosts are doing. Looking at other hosts websites – some simply give a bad first impression and I don’t even bother going further.   Icdsoft always have positive reviews.  Comments made about some other hosts make one glad to have found a good one!

Professional Style

I also like their professional style especially when compared to hosts such as


I have yet to find a better combination of services and the price is reasonable.  Prices start from around US$72 or UK Pounds 72 for European servers.


I have had no performance problems with my host so far  – with my local ISP! or to the damaged undersea cable yes, but not to Icdsoft.  They are also one of the few who are transparent about their uptime status:

Sure Support

Their support is great too.  They usually respond within minutes.  Support is via web and email, however so good when I have had a query, that this has been infinitely better than hanging on the end of a phone line.

Urgently moved our sites

Once when the undersea cable between Australia and Japan was damaged and much Australian web traffic was slowed down, ICDSOFT moved our websites promptly to the US, to make for speedier access from Australia.    Access from elsewhere in the world was not affected.

Server Locations

For many hosting services, it is only if you specifically ask that you discover  the servers are not where you think they are.   ICDSoft allows you to choose  your servers location.   Their servers are in various places, but not Australia.  The other Australian hosts that I have  had dealing with also do not have servers in Australia.

Location and local SEO?

If you have a non local domain name (eg: .com) and you wish to rank locally in say UK and Australia, then this managed via the search engine webmaster tools.  One simply tells Google how to “localise” your website.  I will do this for you as part of our arrangement.  Of course, there is also the Google local business centre.

Summary of Good Points:

  • Excellent features (functionality, domain parking, subdomains, email address, ftp access etc).
  • Excellent tools (control panel, phpMyAdmin, Statistics) to maintain your site
  • Webmail and pop3 email etc.
  • Great support – any queries have been turned around within minutes.
  • Uptime – never noticed any down time in 5 years.
  • Cheaper domain name purchasing (.com mostly) than Godaddy without all those annoying screens.


  • Billing is in US dollars or UK Pounds, so there may be some price variation due to exchange rate movement. However the hosting prices are so reasonable that this is hardly worth mentioning.  One can always pay ahead for the next year or two to lock in the cost.   If you have a package arrangement with me,  this is not your worry!

Arrange hosting yourself

If you wish, you can of course arrange the hosting yourself.