Missing Emails….

Unfortunately in the land of spam warfare, electronic counter measures and counter counter measures, there are occasional innocent victims – emails we want, but did not get.

Reasons :

  1. Spam filtering
    • be sure to add the sending email address to your white list or for web owners, tell your customers what that address is, and encourage them to whitelist it right way
    •  check your junk mail folders, or comment spam lists every now and then to check for false positives.  Most facilities have an ability to ‘learn’ – the more you check and catch new spam or fix errors, the more accurate the spam trap will become 
  2. Missing Confirmation
    1. Did you check for and respond to the confirmation email that the website sent?  Or login to activate the service?  Or press the final complete order?
    2. For web owners, check the unconfirmed addresses every now and then, and send a gently worded reminder to alert people that they may not have completed the process.
  3. Delays
    1. On many systems, emails are batched, so there may be a delay of a few hours before you get the email related to a new post.  The fastest way to be advised of a new post is to subscribe to the rss feed using a feed reader.  Have good discipline with these – categorise your feeds and don’t get sidetracked reading…
    2. Very rarely if your mail is being forwarded around before getting to your main service, there is sometimes a delay in the chain.  Nothing we can do about this – again the feed reader is a good option – or if urgent – straight to the website.