Rental Property Availability

A site that I help wanted to display property availability.  The clearskys availablity plugin seemed the best but was not quite working on my local wp 2.7 installation with wordpress relocated and separate content directory.

I got a bit carried away fixing it up a bit.   Changes made:

  • fixed to allow for wordpress in own directory, and relocated content directory
  • fix alternate logic of listing so shades will alternate
  • moved admin links to one section in admin  menu under Bookings for ease of user
  • allowed for additional properties through rudimentary include file – hopefully clearskys will provide a version soon.
  • changed to shortcode usage to upgrade and to avoid problems with validation (else wordpress insert a <p> before and </p> after – this breaks the validation.
  • developed a css file for the page calendar – for some reason their widget code and page code is different and delivers different css styling – add this to your standard stylesheet.


Please note this is only intended as a temporary solution until clearsksy release an update which hopefully will cover all these points and more.


You can see it in work at   At time of posting, there were no bookings to show, but it should look like this:

Multi  Month Calendar showing availability and booked dates
Multi Month Calendar showing availability and booked dates

More screenshots available in zip file.

Download at WordPress