WordPress user training

Web Designers sometimes neglect to factor in the training and hand holding required to get website owners comfortable with managing their own websites.   These days with the various tools out there, one can leverage off other work, and.or deliver training materials in a variety of styles.  Video’s are popular now as one can work alongside the video and pause as necessary.

One should however always review the content to be sure that one is  not wasting one’s client’s time.  For example in evaluation the use of training videos, please consider the following:

  • does the video use too much terminology for your client?
  • Is it on a reasonably up to date version of the software?
  • Is the theme similar enough to your clients so they won’t get confused?
  • Does it dive into detail too soon?
  • Will the voice be a problem? eg: accents?

Following are some video’s that may help:

http://www.wordpresstutorials.com/ – very well presented, clean looking site that offers a paid subscription for wordpress training and supposedly helps them navigate the geek speak.

The wordpresstraining.com site has a number of videos.  These are good, but may proceed a little quickly for users who are not used to all the terminology, html and css etc.   For example in writing posts, they proceed fairly quickly to loading images.  This is a little fast for some users.  Some videos to start with are:

Cory Millers: screentutorials.com/videos/ (American, not too strong an accent, fairly recent wordpress version).  Samples: