A picture is worth a 1000 words

Content may be king, but images are powerful.   A well designed website can be improved by appropriate use of quality images.

There are a number of places where one can find images that one may use to complement a website or article:

Stockxpert has an excellent set and is probably the best place to start

  • their photographers are vetted
  • the photo’s are excellently tagged and categorised to enable searching in a variety of ways.  the lightboxes help you bookmark and save.
  • the prices are reasonable, and the images are royalty free.
  • Note that you cannot use the material for resale – check and understand their standard license

Flickr is also a possibility, although since it is not primarily focused on providing stock images, it will probably be harder to find suitable images.  Here you must ensure that you

  • use the advanced search criteria to select only those images with the appropriate license
  • check the specific image license and follow the terms (ag: attribution)
  • the tagging and categorisation are not designed for our purposes