Note: My main interest area is php application development, specifically in the wordpress area.

I do occasional help people get up and running with wordpress or ‘fix’ websites.

WordPress Plugins:

Some free plugins are listed here : http://profiles.wordpress.org/anmari/

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Website Facilitation:

Core Development

Donald needed a small business psychotherapy and counselling website. I setup his domain name, his hosting and installed wordpress as a CMS.   I have assisted with several updates to the site over the years.

Geoff Wilson Timber Creations

Mobile friendly website

Mojoflo.co.za for Jo Monson

coaching and counselling
coaching and counselling

Van Bergen Designs

Van Bergen Design Portfolio Website
Van Bergen Design Portfolio Website

Julie has an interior design business. Julie is a perfectionist and designed the look of her site and a graphic designer provided the leafy streaks.


Lane Cove Dance Academy

Lane Cove Dance Academy
Lane Cove Dance Academy

Lcda’s website needed an overhaul. the new owners also needed to maintain their web more easily. Their hosting was moved to a more cost effective platform and wordpress installed as the CMS. A standard theme template was used, slightly tailored with an image specific to the school.   I recently updated it to a more ‘responsive’ theme.

Northern Districts School of Ballet

Northern Districts School of Ballet – Roseville

NDSB’s owners were the new owners of LCDA. The Roseville (NDSB) school did not have a website yet. The domain name, hosting, cms and web content were setup. A similar template to LCDA’s was used, with different images and content specific to that school.   I recently updated it to a more ‘responsive’ theme. I recently updated it to a more ‘responsive’ theme.

Hlakanaphila Analytics (quanta.org.za)

“Hlakanaphila Analytics” needed a simple but professional and cost effective website. It needed to be maintained very simply via the web, with limited (some) html knowledge. The prior web had developed problems because of difficulties in maintaining the content. An initial simple style was developed  and has been lightly tweaked at times.

of the content were articles on various related topics. The blog category concept worked well. The articles were usually fairly lengthy so the CMS template was configured to show excerpts only on the first page with a link through to the full article.   Since then, to keep costs down, the site has been moved to http://bythepeoplesa.wordpress.com/


Charlie Pahlman Memorial

Screen shot of Charlie Pahlman Memorial Website
Charlie Pahlman Memorial

Charlie had an extensive network of friends all over the world who wanted to come together and share in the celebration of his memory. The website is written in frontpage generated html and allows tributes to be entered and sorted. There is also an extensive photo gallery with contributions from all over.

Kwame Oduro Memorial

Screen shot of Kwame Oduro Memorial Webpage
Kwame Oduro Memorial

The family were in Ghana and so via email we assisted in setting up the domain name, hosting and a shell typo3 website with guest book and photo gallery features and appropriate style using the Kente cloth as the starting point. The family then maintained the web from Ghana.

Andrew Pahlman

Screen shot of Andrew Pahlman Webpage
Andrew Pahlman

Andrew needed a one page “business card” for his consulting business.


Domain name and hosting setup to facilitate an email address with own name and own webmail facilities. A family domain name and hosting for webmail purposes

Mitchellwong Web – No webpages yet

Domain name and hosting setup to facilitate an email address with lots of webmail space for use while travelling. Web content to come later.