Asus touchpad scrolling, dropdowns break after windows10?

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Windows10 went smoothly  – even the old Microsoft Money (australian version) still works  (including Dan’s quotes addon) – whew!

However I soon discovered that

  1. my Asus touchpad 2 finger scrolling did not work and
  2. it was suddenly very very hard to view dropdown selections and select one (all browsers and programs it seemed) – doable, but it took a few tries
  3. gmail checkboxes also went wobbly – and possibly others who knows, and
  4. there was some weird behaviour with browser tabs (mostly while trying ‘Edge’ browser).  Somehow it would decide that I had selected a tab (NOT!) and as the mouse moved, decided that that meant the tab should become a new window
  5. lost my network drives

Ivanrf’s post helped with the first 4, particularly since the ASUS site makes it very hard to find the drivers for the touchpad.  I did not have to re-install the ATK drivers and did not find an ‘ELAN’ driver – yet.   I did plug a corded mouse in, but actually not sure whether I needed it.

The ‘Edge’ browser still does not like 2-finger scrolling until all page elements are fully loaded, so it can feel ‘broken’ at times.    I did seem to lose the scrolling again while playing around and went through the uninstall, reboot and it cam back fine.

Now on to the network drives.




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