Make wp-cron show times in your wordpress timezone

wp-cron-dashboard by the prolific wokamoto (OKAMOTO Wataru) is a very simple but useful little plugin – saves having write your own bit of code  for background jobs.

If you’d like it to show times in your wordpress site timezone, here is a modified version.    Oh – just realised – if you are still using the old gmt offset, please change to timezone string to use this (or add code to use offset).  Remember offset do NOT cope with daylight saving changes, so I standardise on setting the city timezone in all the webs I do.

Update: the zip file now also includes modificiation which checks to see if an action of the same name has been added (for developers working too late!). Remember: Cron Jobs scheduled but not executing??? You need to add the action for the cron job:


Wokamoto, you are welcome to take changes and add to your plugin – It’s only a few lines of code, but scattered through the plugin.

Screenshot of modified wordpress cron dashboard
Screenshot of modified wordpress cron dashboard with action check

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