Process for Writing partially protected posts in YM

A careful step by step procedure and checklist for posting a weekly post which included a public teaser, a private section, and a large mp3 file, using “Your members”.


For those who are familiar with writing posts in wordpress:

  • Please ensure that you are either logged in as the author, or change the “post author” when writing,
  • Write the new post,
  • set the member access (trial, plus member)
  • set the category (& optional tags)
  • bracket the members only section with [private] and [/private]
  • upload the audio file, add the link into the private part. Ensure that the full URL is specified so that the “enclosure” custom field (required for the podcast feed) will be created by wordpress. check by saving/publishing and then scrolling down to the custom field section.

Detailed Description:

In order to be as detailed as possible, these instructions have been divided into the following sections.

  • Writing the weekly message
  • Preparing the mp3 file
    • Option 1- using the add media
    • Option 2 – Use FTP to upload the file
  • Adding the audio link to the weekly message

How to Write the weekly message or Post:

These instructions assume that you have at least written a post in wordpress before.  If you have not, please familiarise yourself in a test or demo system if possible.  If using a live system to practise in (not recommended), do not “publish” – simply save as drafts, and then delete your tests later.

Logon to the admin area of your wordpress website.

Write the weekly message

Click Add New
Click Add New
Open the Post menu
Open the Post menu

In our example we are working with here, we have two parts to the weekly message.  A section that is to be the formal partially protected post.

  • Open up the posts menu
  • Click Add New
Add new Post
Add new Post
  • Enter the title at the top
  • Now before you do anything else, a good habit to get into is to set all the settings for that post before you write the content
  • Set the access in the “Your members section”.  This defines who will have access to our post when they are logged in. In our example, we click
    • Trial
    • Member


  • Set the Category – this may be correct by default already, always check.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.  If you see a “Subscribe2 Notification Override”, decide whether
    • you wish to use the automatic notification of a new post according to the S2 settings, (by post or daily digest), with standard information or
    • no notification is to be sent (only feed readers, podcasters direct visitors will know of this post)
    • you plan to send a separate broadcast email – see notes on this at end.
  • Save the draft
  • Go back to the main text box.  In this example we will ad in some nice formatting, so open up the “kitchen sink” by clicking on the coloured line icon.  Now you should have 2 lines of icons.  Note these options now on the second line:
    • the Format dropdown box, and the
    • the “Paste as plain text” – if pasting from Msword or any document with it’s own formatting, always paste using this button, to avoid inconsistent formatting.
  • Either type in the text directly, or cut and paste (as plain text)  from the source document.
  • Select any text that is to be formatted as heading 2, click the format  dropdown and select heading 2
  • Select any text that is to be formatted as heading 3, click the format  dropdown and select heading 3
  • Save the draft
  • Mark the sections that are private. Enter [private] at the start of the private section and straight away before you do anything else, enter [/private] at the end of the private section.  If you miss the ending tag, the post will be completely public.
  • Preview – you are logged in as admin you will see the full post as a member would.  Check all looks okay.
  • Decide where the mp3 link should go – to be private, it must be inside the private tags.  For example under the headings.  Put your cursor there.
  • Click the Add Audio button.  If you have pre-loaded the file as per below.
  • Click media library

Prepare the mp3 file

Depending on your internet connection and the size of the mp3 file, you should choose how to load the file onto the server.   If the file  is not too large, then it can be loaded using the wordpress media loader.   I suggest you test this out first with a representative size file.If you experience problems, then you may want to consider loading using ftp.  This will be discussed separately, For consistency this should be to the same folder or directory that the “Add New Media”  would have used.

Extract the file from the email if it has been emailed to you, storing it in a location that is easy to access for uploading.

Option 1- using the add media

Media Menu
Media Menu

It is possible to add media from within the post, however for large or complex files that may take a while, it is simpler in some ways to prepare it before you get to the post, or to upload it separately and return to the postto link the two together.

  1. Goto the  admin menu area called “Media”,  click on it if it is not open, and then click “Add new”.
  2. If you have previously successfully uploaded with the flash loader, you can continue on to click the “Select Files” button.  If you do not have the latest Flash version enabled in your browser, or you experience any problems uploading then next time, click on the “Browser Uploader” instead.

    Select Browser Upload, then Select files
    Select Browser Upload, then Select files
  3. Browser your computer and select the file in that handy location.  Click Open or Select or whatever your PC uses to choose the file.
  4. The file will start uploading.  On my connection “downunder” (Australia is notorious for not yet having high speed broadband) where I have the fastest connection I can have, a 6 Mg file takes just about a minute to upload.   Wait…….. do not close the window or do anything else silly….. do your computer stretches.  When the file has been successfully uploaded, you will a list of media files with the new one at the top.  Note it is not “attached” to any post yet.

    Media List
    Media List

Option 2 – Use FTP to upload the file

Specific instructions will depend on the type of FTP software you are using.   You need to know

  • the hostname ( the domain name)
  • the ftp username
  • the ftp password
  • the folder path to use for the uploads  Ask your administrator for the path.Example: http://yourdomain/some/wp-content/uploads-iw/
  1. Run your FTP program, connect to the host, entering the username and password,
  2. On the source side, browse to where the mp3 file is stored
  3. On the destination side, browse to the folder destination
  4. Upload the file
  5. Check and get the correct url, by loading your browser, entering the url path in the address area and checking that you can access the file.  It will start downloading if it is found, Cancel the  download
  6. Copy the url that has just worked – we will be pasting it into the post.

Now to add the weekly post / message that is to contain the mp3 audio file.

….. coming

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