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Getting a list of subscribers

Trial, Paid, Expired or Active members

For the list of members with their status etc if the list is not too big (better tools required if list gets really large –  will hopefully be coming from the “Cambridge new media” crowd in later versions):

  • Logon to admin >go to Your members > Members and subscriptions > Member Management
  • see partial list
  • Go down to  Number of Rows per page:
  • Enter a large enough number and click reload
  • see full list – select all, cut and paste into excel, or calc

Users who have subscribed to email notifications

For full list, including those who have subscribed to post notifications using Subscribe2.  Note since this is a quick easy signup – to encourage the user, the only info available is email address.  Any one NOT on the full list is only a  “please notify me” member, not paid

  • Go to Tools > Subscribers
  • Filter if you want to cut the list down, else select all.
  • Top right hand side – select “save emails to csv” file